Signal11 Projects

Signal11 Projects

A collection of my projects!

Computing and Electronics

Topfield PVR Oric/Atmos PInebox
Topfield TF5800 PVR TAPS
Oric Atmos Hardware and Software
PInebox: Portable Raspberry PI


What Goes On Hearing Aids
What Goes On: The Beatles Anomalies List
Hearing Aids To The Beatles


Hearing Aids Promo Pepper Parallax Digital Airbrush Acrylic Portrait Amy Lee Acrylic Portrait Taylor Swift
3D Beatle Animation
2.5D Pepper Picture
Digital Airbrush Timelapse Video
Acrylic Portrait Amy Lee
Acrylic Portrait Taylor Swift


Cardboard Ukulele Hero Guitar
Playable Cardboard Ukulele
Hero Guitar


Meet And Drink No Oil Painting Invincentable
Meet And Drink Album
No Oil Painting Album
Invincentible Album

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